Monday, January 30, 2012

Painting Objects

“Thinking of the painting as an object and considering the material aspect of paintings: seeing that painting was paint on canvas and then by extension seeing that it occupied a space and sat on the wall, and all that, and then, if those elements seemed to be necessary to what I was doing. And so I thought to use this idea and extend that kind of physicality...” -Jasper Johns, page 88 Jasper Johns: Writings, Sketchbook Notes Interviews

This is the progress i have made on the idea to paint objects on objects. These are not complete, as i intent to add layers of photo-transfers and line drawings then to coat them in resin so that they gain more of a permanent sculptural quality. Initially my interest was merely to make these paintings transform into objects, but now that i am working on them i am gaining an interest in exploring how the boxes and the paintings begin to work together.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week One

This time last week i knew i wanted to paint on used packaging, cereal boxes, milk cartons etc. But i did not know what imagery to use. So I just started painting patterns on two small canvas, then I found stencils I used in prior paintings and over the week this is what was built up. They where not a serious project, just something to keep me going. I did however end up being rather amused by this silly final product.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Crit With Jeff Schaller

I just returned home from West Chester PA, where I took part in a critique that Jeff Schaller ( orchestrates each month, without offending anyone nor doping the "F Bomb" It seems to have been the biggest group on record (I understand that some months its as few as 6). It was comprised of 21 artist from West Chester and surrounding areas. Career levels where across the board as was artistic style.

Because of the mass numbers each person was only able to have the spot light for 5 min, so that end was probably not terribly useful for me, since i get more than my fair share of crits, being a grad student. The second half of the night was spent establishing goals. Being a student i have the educational program to keep me on track, but here are the goals I presented tonight to have accomplished for next month:
1. Get my Ass into the career center so in 18 months i don't only have 2 art degrees and 8 years of tattoo and piercing shop experience but some kind of experience and career direction to move me forward.
2. Academic reading above and beyond theory assignments that will help me talk about my work being image driven above concept driven. Right now i am reading Jasper Johns: Writings Sketches and Interviews
3. By the next meeting in February i will have some of the box paintings in resin and i have have at least one structure built for my "sign" paintings.

P.S. I also started another yellow painting and worked on two small layer paintings today... i will post about those in a couple days. For now its bed time.

P.P.S Jeff said he will be my mentor next fall. Word

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Studio Space.

The couch is in the kitchen... now the living room is closer to a proper studio.