Monday, January 30, 2012

Painting Objects

“Thinking of the painting as an object and considering the material aspect of paintings: seeing that painting was paint on canvas and then by extension seeing that it occupied a space and sat on the wall, and all that, and then, if those elements seemed to be necessary to what I was doing. And so I thought to use this idea and extend that kind of physicality...” -Jasper Johns, page 88 Jasper Johns: Writings, Sketchbook Notes Interviews

This is the progress i have made on the idea to paint objects on objects. These are not complete, as i intent to add layers of photo-transfers and line drawings then to coat them in resin so that they gain more of a permanent sculptural quality. Initially my interest was merely to make these paintings transform into objects, but now that i am working on them i am gaining an interest in exploring how the boxes and the paintings begin to work together.


  1. Hey woman! These are looking good! It's fun to see how they've been transforming! Also we just watched Portlandia..have you seen that? I thought of you and how you make fun of Portland:)

    1. Thanks Naomi! I have seen all of the first season, and portland is EXACTLY like that... thats why i was sick of living there, and miss it so much ha ha.