Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Semester Closed

Another semester has come to a close. This one ended on a really good note, I'm no longer fighting to paint. I don't know if its that I've proved myself of if its that Ive out stubborned the facility, possibly a little of both. In any case its really exciting that the conversation had move passed the well "why paint?.... why 2-d?..." mombo jumbo and onto a dialogue about content and aesthetic. Im stoked and really excited.

Anyway, I got online tonight to post images of the last few paintings of the term, to realize I left to portland without transferring them to the computer so I'll save that for another day.

 For now I will share these images of Philly food carts that I've been collecting. I dont know what i will do with them, I don't think they would make for good paintings, but maybe some form of printing into paintings. Whatever happens with them, Im really interested in the funny personalities that they show.

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