Sunday, February 12, 2012

More on The Boxes

After corresponding with Jennie this week, i can no longer ignore the fact that if i am going to be working on three-dimensional structures than i need to take advantage of all sides. So, good thing i haven't yet bought the resin. So here is whats going on with the Sugar box and the Bisquick Box

Then, i am also working on the coffee pot. This is what i have so far. I am going to do an image transfer of coffee beans, to put in the circle, that in its past life was full of Trader Joe's Cheerios. I am going to make one with color and one in the usual black and white and see what works out. I'm not sure yet what will be on the rest of this one, maybe some stenciling. This his is what i have so far.

These four will conclude the coffee. I have a Ritz Cracker box that i want to paint grommet cheese on and a Kraft macaroni and cheese that i want to put crackers on... Cheese and Crackers. I know I'm funny I'll also add some collage elements, old cook book pages and so forth as well as some gold leaf, because nothing says classy like mac n' cheese.

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