Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here is one of the two sings i cut and started to assemble. (with Rachel's help) I will cut pieces and attach them to the edges then and gesso and paint. It should keep me busy for quite a while. It took over three hours to cut and drill two of these. It is roughly 40" tall. I also did my all red shopping trip from the painting that will go on this. Sketches to come soon.


  1. Hi Jasmine,
    I really like what's going on with the box paintings. They're funny, sad, irreverent...among other things. They're also really interesting to look at.
    I'm curious - why the resin? are you going to use it as a coating or completely encapsulate the boxes?
    The sketches of signs that you did while on the road are great. I'm really glad you're able to find a way to work even when away from the studio. There's always something to find in the world if you're looking for it.
    Looking forward to seeing what happens with the big sign...

  2. I would like to use resin because it will transform the boxes into something disposable to something more permanent, sculptural. I don't like to work on paper because it is lacking the substance that the stretcher bars give to canvas. I think it alleviates my anxiety about working on a recycled material. I don't want something I spend so much time and energy on to feel discard-able.

    It will be coated not encapsulated.

  3. I like that explanation. The work already employs dualities, maybe permanence/impermanence is another. Or structured/unstructured. Lots to play with in-between.