Monday, February 13, 2012


Because I'm in Portland Or this week, I'm working outside of the studio. I took advantage of being home to photograph some of the signs in the city, that I both love and recognize as home. Then I worked on some sketches to take to the wood shop this weekend.

This is the kind of visual information I will paint of the signs. However i am going to make an all red shopping trip, as I want all name brand items as well as fresh red produce. I decided to do this by color because while working on the yellow series i became interested in the ways yellow is used in marketing. I just think it will be fun to zero in on another color for a minute. The color version will be on one side and and a black and white version will be on the opposite. I did something similar to this with the yellow, only on two canvases. I intend for the signs to hang perpendicular to the wall.

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  1. I like the idea of pursuing different colors and seeing how they are used in marketing. Good stuff! I can't wait to see how the wood pieces come out!